Synx Multi Rigs 

With the massive overuse of chods and stiff hinges it is inevitable that returns will diminish if we blindly copy other anglers and don't provide the carp with something a 'little different'. 
Both the Chod and the Stiff Hinge present a pop up fairly high off the bottom and coupled with the boringly obvious bright pop up, it isn't hard to see that carp will begin to identify and avoid them. 
My fishing this year has largely revolved around the Multi Rig because it allows me to present a bait very close to the bottom but still with the hook popped up and in the best hooking position. 
I use 20lb Synx to a size 5 Fox SR and tie the loop so that it just passes over the hook. When finished it presents the bait just under an inch off the deck and when coupled with a brown Krill pop up, it looks just like all the other baits on the bottom! 


As ever, successful carp fishing principally revolves around location. If you are not on the fish then you WILL blank!! On arrival at a venue, I spend as long as it takes to find the fish, even if I am only on a short session. I will never set up unless I am sure the fish are close by. Elevation is a huge advantage and if you can safely climb trees then this is a massive edge. Polaroids are essential and arriving at the venue at first light is one of the most important things you can do; the early bird really does catch the worm!! 
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