Our legendary hook-length needs little introduction having already accounted for numerous World, National and International records. This stunning version fills the gap for fishing over silty and muddy areas. The appearance of a hook-length made for a specific task is all-important. We purposely avoided the mistake of giving it a solid black finish even though it’s much easier to do so. Why? Because when you look carefully at the colour and composition of silt you can see it is far from black. 
A solid black hook-length is possibly the worst choice to use for good presentation. Ask any fly fisherman regardless of the depth what is the best early season pattern to use for hungry stockies? The reply will be anything…as long as it’s black! For many years sea anglers have used black lures to great effect when fishing in extremely deep dark water. Black is by far the best colour to attract attention simply because it stands out like a silhouette, yes even over silt! 
Silt is decomposed matter consisting of weed, leaves, wood and all manner of organic substances, but unlike coal its colour varies widely from location to location. Tiny highlights can be seen throughout its surface leaving a random mottled appearance, so the question is what colour is best when fishing over silt? It has long been known that Silkworm with its dark grey fragmented finish is arguably the finest and proven super-braid for fishing large silty Meres, for years it has been acclaimed and highly recommended by many leading anglers and writers. 
The finish of Mantis Dark deliberately mimics a dark Silkworm and is purposely designed to present bait over silt and mud. It has all the advantages and pedigree of Mantis’s incredible track record. The multi-coating process produces a tough durable finish and, once removed, gives you a host of modern day rig options to choose from. 
We have often been asked for a black hook-length…we resisted and waited to give you something far better. Dark Mantis…its almost cheating. 
Mantis Dark Availability - 20m Spools 
* 15lb 
* 25lb 
Adam Sutton with his 85lb 2oz mirror caught using a 25lb Mantis Dark hooklink during a week on Lac Chateau Cavagnac, France. 
Steve White 9lb 3oz UK Record Chub with Mantis Dark 15lb 
Steven Cottam with his 29lb 10oz common. 
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