Produced from the carp world’s heaviest lead core. Ready-to-go thirty-inch mega weight spliced leaders. Internally bonded for added security. Simply add beads and swivel for the ultimate long lasting helicopter rig. The construction of Dyneema and High Tenacity Polyester tightly woven around a whopping SW20 grade lead makes this lead core unique setting it apart from all others. 
Professionally spliced and internally bonded they are suitable for all types of waters and casting distances. From long range to close up their tremendous weight ensures the line from lead is firmly nailed down giving spook-free presentation in all depths. When fishing in light silt the weight of Score Gold sinks into the bottom debris completely disappearing from view. Up until now most anglers have used lead core to sit behind the bomb and pin the line down. Now due to the considerable weight of Score Gold other new exciting techniques, such as controlled free-lining, are now possible for both stillwaters and rivers. 
Using these leaders for free-lining is particularly effective when pursuing cautious feeders at close range. For the stalking angler who likes to free-line this product is without equal and opens a whole new world of presentation.  
Due to their substantial weight a lead is not required. They are easy to cast a good distance and with the bonus of being bomb-free they land with little if any disturbance. Should extra distance be required simply add a stringer or PVA bag. 
If you want to know how heavy this lead core really is simply pick up a pack and feel the weight. Normally heavy bobbins combined with tightish lines lift most lead cores off the bottom, no such worry with this product. Immensely strong and abrasion resistant these ready-made spliced leaders have already found favour with many lead core users. Considering the amount of lead you get for your money the price is a bargain. 
Comprehensive safe rig options included. 
Score Gold Spliced Leaders availability 
* Camou or Silt. 33-inch long. 60lb b.s. 
* 2 Leaders per pack 
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