When Silkworm was first launched back in 1990 it set the carp world alight and immediately became a milestone in angling. Since then the achievements of this extraordinary braid have become nothing short of legendary. 
It comes as no surprise why this ultra-fine beautifully supple braid remains a firm favourite throughout the carp world and still delivers the goods. Since its conception Silkworm has constantly evolved, this is due to continuous development and fine-tuning to keep pace with the ever-changing rigs and methods used in the modern carp scene. Nineteen years on the results speak for themselves by proving its effectiveness on a wide variety of waters at both home and abroad. 
The secret of its outstanding success lies in its construction. Silkworms density is purposely designed to be neutral within water, this makes it perfectly balanced to give exceptional presentation. Throughout the range of different breaking strains its superb suppleness allows your hook-bait essential freedom of movement; vital when trying to imitate the natural behaviour of a free offering. 
Secondly unlike heavy fast sinking hooklengths its ultra-light weight will not tether or restrict your hook-baits all-important passage into the carp’s mouth. It’s softness and smooth silky feel combined with a true low diameter makes it an ideal braid for wary line shy carp. 
High knot strength and abrasion resistance is guaranteed. Responsible for the capture of hundreds of thousands of specimens, highly acclaimed by the world’s leading carp anglers. In a league of its own when used over soft silty silt bottoms especially with the helicopter rig. An excellent all round choice for most waters. Ideal as part of a combi rig with stiffer or softer material e.g. nylon fluorocarbon or Multi-strand. 
Silkworm Availability - 20m Spools 
4lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 12lb ultra soft, 15lb & 25lb 
Colour Combinations 
* 4lb and 6lb grey/white 
* 8lb brown/white 
* 10lb and 12lb ultra soft grey/white 
* 12lb standard brown/white 
* 15lb and 25lb grey/white 

Tim Paisley’s favourite braid for silt rigs 

Mick Bartlett. The Lady 53lb using 25lb Silkworm 

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