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The 'Know How' DVD 

Kryston PVA Under the Spotlight 

Dave Chilton demonstrates how to use the Bogey 
How to use Melt-Ex PVA tape 
How to tie Dave Chilton's Ultimate "Chilturn" Knot 
The First Kryston Super Tip 
How to use Kryston Bogey to create balls of small particle hookbaits. The perfect solution when using hemp and particle spod mixes. 
How to use Kryston Heavy Metal to pindown braid and mono hook-links and balance pop-up hookbaits to create devastating set-ups. 
How to create leaders and combi-rigs using Kryston Incognito. 
New anti tangle ultrabraid and everything you need to know. 
The many benefits. 
Everything you will need to know. 
Do you want to improve your casting distance? 
What is Heavy Metal Trio? 
Heavy Metal in Italian 
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