New buoyant Zig bait made from real bait ingredients. Highly flavoured each bait emits real food signals and scents. Its unique malleable putty formula allows you to mould it to your desired shape and once immersed in water forms a firm hard skin that successfully resist the attentions of small nuisance fish. 
ZiGi's range of contrasting ingredients, colours and flavours have proved to be highly successful on waters where due to overuse foam baits have rapidly become less effective resulting in diminishing returns. 
ZiGi breathes new life into an already proven method, different colour combinations each with their own unique ingredients and flavours discharge real bait signals and have proved to make a significant difference when tested against artificials. 
Once moulded around the shank or on a 'hair' you can further increase its natural attraction by creating a new look, a simple task that can be made in seconds. By inserting short sections of soft or hard coloured nylon into the body you can instantly make legs, feelers or antenna to create a very buggy effect. Short sections of waste material from coated braids make excellent flexible insect appendages when the edible putty is formed around them and will remain in place even during the hardest cast. 
With this excellent new zig bait the only limit is the extent of your imagination and those with creative minds now have a whole new world of zig fishing to discover. The combinations seem endless, mixing different varieties of ZiGi will reward you with a highly visual bait with contrasting colours and scents making your bait stand out from the crowd and being totally unique. 
•Real bait ingredients. Real food signals. 
•Real scent leak off. Contrasting colour range. 
•Easy to mould and shape. Easy to apply. 
•Hardens in water to resists nuisance fish. 
•Superb range of proven flavours. 
•Make your own bugs in seconds. 
•Use different varieties to form two tone baits. 
•Dual combinations leak off two flavours. 
The Real Zig Bait 
Available in the following. 
Stinky Fish rrp £3.99 
Garlic & Hemp rrp £3.99 
Hot Dog rrp £3.99 
Pineapple & N'Butyric rrp £3.99 
To get the very best possible quality we have used two of Nutrabaits most successful flavours in two of the products. Their highly regarded Garlic essential oil and their top selling Pineapple and N'Butyric acid. Many thanks Bill. 
*Kryston Tip* To give your your Zig bait a smooth finish, wet your fingers before using. 
Designed and created by it'seeze