Ben Francis

Ben Francis

1200 900 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Ben Francis

Ben has spent most of his time in recent years targeting his efforts to short sessions due to his busy role as Brand Manager for The Angling Group. Even though his angling time is always limited, he still manages to get amongst them at home in the UK and abroad on his foriegn trips. He’s known in close cirlcles as the Bogey Man for his love of our revolutionary particle fixer. Ben’s hooklink of choice is our impressive Incognito Flurocarbon.

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1920 1080 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

What is KRYSTON Well Ard

The Leader Protection KRYSTON Well ´Ard is a silicone based liquid solution that has been create to provide an anti-friction coating to the leader section of your tackle set-up. See…

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