Nico Coulson

1200 675 KRYSTON

Nico Coulson is an out and out big fish angler from Belgium, he targets the hardest waters for the ultimate reward. Fishing in this style requires a hooklink solution that’s never going to let you down and that’s why Nico favours our range of premium…

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Ronald De Witte

1200 800 KRYSTON

Roland De Witte is one of Hollands finest Carp Anglers, he’s regularly seen in some of the leading publications and has caught some truly stunning specimens in his time. As well as being a superb angler Ronald is also an outstanding wildlife photographer. His hooklinks…

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Timo Verbeke

1200 798 KRYSTON

When Timo is not fishing for goliath sized carp he’s representing his country in the Belgium Militarty. In his down time, Timo fishes where he can and when he can to great effect. Catching carp to above and beyond the magical 30kg barrier. He’s a…

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Dave Chilton

960 634 KRYSTON

Dave Chilton is the founder of Kryston and was the original innovator that brought you the coated hooklink, made the fishing worlds heaviest putty and created legendary edges such as the Bogey and Greased Lightning. Over the years, Dave has fished for a multitude of…

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