20 year friendship

20 year friendship

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It’s 4.20am and the fourth carp of the overnighter is in the net at last. With the help of my friends that makes nine in two nights and literally thousands in the last twenty years and much of it down to my friendship with a very special friend. And the name of that friend…Kryston! From our first beginnings in 1988 with KMS to Dark Silt in 2007 the couple that catch together stay together. Indeed looking down into the net twenty years on the Kryston connection still burns strong.

Super Nova 25lb, Meltex stringer, Drop ‘Em putty to hold the hook length down and Klinik for the carps mouth…And how much cash has Dave paid me over the years to use his gear? Not one penny! How many other here today gone tomorrow firms can say that…? Not many I can tell you. I use Kryston products because I know they are tested, proven and consistent not because somebody has slipped me a few Judas coins to jump ships and undo my reputation in an article or two…

I can remember the first time I became aware of Kryston was way back in 1988 strangely enough at the same time that Carpworld was making its entry into the market place. KMS was making all the headlines as a wonder hook length to outwit crafty carp from waters as far apart as Crab Mill and Harefield. I remember looking at the material I was using at the time which was Masterbraid 15lb Dacron and looking at the KMS one…no competition…!! And the carp agreed which was more important really. Short KMS rigs inside PVA bags murdered them on my local waters and with the release of Silkworm in 1989 and Merlin in 1990 the word was out. In fact so impressed was I with Merlin that the hook length was virtually my only choice from 1990 to 1996…Six years and hundreds of twenty pounders fell to it for me. And as my mate Skid said if you can catch that many Jules the hook length must be good.

As I have grown up with the ever increasing Kryston stable I have used more and more products to outwit the carp and stay one step ahead of my fellow anglers. To list them all would be a nonsensical approach which I see boringly trotted out by many writers in the magazines today so I will just cover the ones I still use…and probably will do ten years from now. Meltex bags and tape…is there anything better ? Quicksilver for my leaders. Super Nova and Silkworm for my Blowback rigs. Mantis and Snakeskin for my combi-link rigs. Heavy Metal putty to mould round a tiny lead shot for my pop up rigs. Drop ‘Em to keep the hook length on the deck…the list goes on my friends.

You don’t need me to tell you how good the gear is (check out the catch reports in Carp Talk). You certainly don’t need me to tell you how to use it (pick up any carp mag and it seems to be that every author not bought or sold will use at least one item of Kryston gear). What I can tell is that I can honestly say that in almost twenty years I cannot recall catching a carp that’s capture did not have at least one item of Kryston tackle involved…And that from an angler who has never been a paid Kryston consultant but chooses to use what he considers the best gear to catch carp…

Forget the hype choose the best

Dave Chilton

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