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Dave Chilton
960 634 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Dave Chilton

Dave Chilton is the founder of Kryston and was the original innovator that brought you the coated hooklink, made the fishing worlds heaviest putty and created legendary edges such as…

Angler – UK

900 675 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Chris Cox

Chris Cox is no stranger to catching big carp, having caught UK specimens up to 53lb along with other numerous 40lb and 30lb fish. Chris honed his skills on some…

900 855 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Gary Lowe

Gary Lowe is a recognised angler among those in the ‘know’ & has been fishing on the circuit for over 40 years, he brings a wealth of experience to the…

1200 800 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Harry Law

Harry Law is a brilliant young angler, but don’t let his age fool you! The 18 year-old Essex rod is a perfectionist when it comes to his rigs, and presentation…

900 600 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

James Clarke

James has been fishing for carp since a young age & brings a wealth of experience to the table. He has fished some tough waters around the South East of…

1200 900 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Jim Chisnall

Jim Chisnall is a catching machine, wherever he goes the carp aren’t far away and the consistency at which he delivers time and time again is incredible. His photo album…

900 643 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Kel Roberts

Kel Roberts is no stranger to the carp scene & has spent much of his angling career fishing in and around the yateley area. Kel has some astonishing captures under…

1200 800 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Lloyd Buckley

Lloyd Buckley is Kryston to the core and uses our products with great success. Having caught carp up to 46lb+ in the UK from some of the toughest waters on…

Terry Dempsey
2048 1536 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Terry Dempsey

Terry Dempsey has carp fished since he was a boy, taking every water apart has he went. It was the tough waters like Hainault and Darenth in the early days,…

Angler – DE

900 673 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Alexander „Sandy“ Bauer

Alexander Bauer hat sich spezialisiert auf  den Kanal und die Seen im In- und Ausland. Jedes Jahr Ist er mehrere Wochen im Ausland unterwegs und unter der Woche an seinem…

Angler – NL

1200 800 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Ronald De Witte

Roland De Witte is one of Hollands finest Carp Anglers, he’s regularly seen in some of the leading publications and has caught some truly stunning specimens in his time. As…

Angler – BE

1200 675 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Nico Coulson

Nico Coulson is an out and out big fish angler from Belgium, he targets the hardest waters for the ultimate reward. Fishing in this style requires a hooklink solution that’s…

Timo Verbeke mit Karpfen
1200 798 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Timo Verbeke

When Timo is not fishing for goliath sized carp he’s representing his country in the Belgium Militarty. In his down time, Timo fishes where he can and when he can…

Angler – A

900 763 KRYSTON – Advanced Angling

Dominik Hengstschläger

Dominik Hengstschläger ist einer der talentiertesten österreichischen Karpfenangler und besticht durch seine konstant guten Fänge. Neben mehreren Auslandstrips beangelt er regelmäßig die Donau und Seen in seiner Heimat. Trotz seines…

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