Greased Lightning

Greased Lightning demonstration

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KRYSTON Greased Lightning Increase Your Casting Distance Carp Fishing – Kryston GREASED LIGHTNING – Increase Your Casting Distance with Dave Chilton as he shows you this amazing liquid! See product


Terry Edmonds about Greased Lightning

Just thought I would let you know that I have achieved three official and two unofficial UKSF casting records. These include probably the longest recorded cast ever made by a UK caster with a fixed spool reel, 263 mts on a 100-gram lead. Your Greased…

Terry Edmonds
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Greased Lightening – Increase Your Maximum Casting Distance

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Dave Chilton gives us an in-depth insight into one of Kryston’s most innovative products, the Greased Lightening Turbo Juice. This product is probably the only product on the market that can single-handedly increase your casting distance, and can be seen in action in a live…


Greased Lightning Tutorial (Add Distance To Your Cast)

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Now at last you can hit those previously unreachable areas. Simply apply a few drops to your mainline and let Greased Lightning instantly increase your maximum casting distance. This remarkable blend of space age solutions guarantees to reduce drag and friction from your reel line…


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