Jackal Review

Jackal Review

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The Day of the Jackal (Sorry … I couldn’t resist it!)

User Review of Kryston Jackal (Anti Tangle Ultra Braid)

Anyone who has fished with me, or has been bored enough to read some of my ramblings will know that I am a big fan of fluorocarbon hook-lengths, but even I will acknowledge that in some circumstances it has its limitations. Fluorocarbon is not known for its abrasion resistance, so when I booked a trip for Martyn my son and myself to Canada to fish the St Lawrence I had to give some thought to what I would use for my hook-lengths.

Doing some research on the venue I knew we would be fishing over and into rough ground and that the gear would have to be up to the job. I would be using powerful rods and reels loaded with 80lb braid, so my hook-length had to complement the rest of the gear.

After a conversation with Julian Cundiff I had a close look at Jackal, the new coated braid from Kryston. It seemed to tick all the boxes, except one, it had been suggested we needed to look at a minimum of 40lb breaking strain for our hook-lengths, but Jackal only came in 20lb and 30lb. I’d heard really good things about Jackal, so got hold of some 30lb in Olive Green and Gravel Brown, and as an insurance policy some Quicksilver Gold in the heavier Breaking Strains. We were ready to go fishing.

We had a great trip, I found the St Lawrence an awesome fishing experience, and we caught some of the most powerful carp we’ve ever come across, but this is supposed to be a review of Jackal, so how did it cope?

In a word brilliant. Calling Jackal abrasion resistant is something of an understatement, I have never given a hook-length so much stick. We had over 80 takes, despite having to play fish hard, often having to negotiate rocky drop offs and thick weed, we only had one breakage of the Jackal hook-length (we had two breakages of the 80lb braid mainline).

I understand that the outer coating is applied by adding multiple thin layers. However it is produced, the result is very smooth and extremely hard wearing. With or without the coating we found that Jackal knotted easily. We used the no-knot to attach the hook/ create the hair and a Grinner knot at the other end to attach the swivel.

Stripping back the coating revealed a very supple braid and it was ideal when we decided to give pop-ups a try.

Jackal is available in 20lb and 30lb breaking strains in three colours Olive Green, Gravel Brown, and Dark Silt. Coated braids have not featured heavily in my fishing over the last few seasons, but Jackal has re opened my eyes to its potential.

If you are looking for a hard wearing, state of the art coated braid, then give some consideration to Jackal, from our experience on the St Lawrence, it will not let you down.

Brian Skoyles

30lb Kryston Jackal and Quicksilver Gold
The Jackal was superb, and totally reliable in extreme conditions.
Jackal no-knotted easily for our maize strings.
Jackal worked well stripped back for our double pop-ups.
Fishing just over the drop off really tested the Jackal to it’s limits.

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