KRYSTON Magma Amour Coat Review

KRYSTON Magma Amour Coat Review

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Magma amour coat


Carp fishing is never the same; when we visit new venues there are swims that can be brutal on our normal choice of tackle. Rocks, boulders, razor mussels, flint, abrasive weed and more all take their toll. Its times like this we have to up the ante.
Magma armour coated super braid is specially developed for fishing over extreme terrain and in rough snag ridden swims. Super abrasion resistant Spectra along with similar bullet proof filaments have been tightly woven into a super strength line. To give Magma the maximum amount of protection it then undergoes a twofold operation, first a super tough polymer is impregnated directly into the braid then followed by a coating process built up using multiple layers, in fact no less than thirty! The end result gives you a hook length that will defy the toughest of conditions found on many overseas waters.

Due to its super tough finish Magma is designed to be used without stripping, in fact it’s so tough you have to work hard to remove it. Offering incredible strength for its amazing low diameter you can present your bait with finesse giving superb presentation making it perfect for many of today’s proven rigs.

Magma was rigorously tested in one of the harshest environments we could find. On volcanic lakes in Italy where harsh abrasive balsamic boulders and rocks litter the bottom this exceptional armour coated braid passed this toughest of test with flying colours. Numerous fish were taken on the same hook length with barely a scratch as evidence as Magma proved to be an outstanding success. This superb product is highly recommended for waters where normal braided lines cannot cope and for waters that demand nothing but the best.

MAGMA….Seriously tough stuff!

  •  Outstanding abrasion resistance.
  • Armour plated coated braid.
  • Designed for extreme conditions.
  • Perfect for Bolsena, St Lawrence, Rainbow and all harsh waters.
  • Super strength, super tough, all purpose sinking mega braid.
  • Ideal for multiple rig options.

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