KRYSTON Krystonite


Super Copolymer Monofilament with Added Fluorocarbon coating.

  • Super low diameter gives significant increase in distance
  • Guaranteed true high knot strength
  • Super low memory reduces line clatter
  • Super smooth, extra supple, ultra limp
  • Crystal clear for ultra low visibility
  • Perfect stretch ratio
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Slow sinking giving perfect presentation

We searched worldwide for the perfect mono. It took us several years…

Amongst the choice of many hundreds we found the good, the mediocre, as well as the poor … trouble is we wanted something absolutely exceptional.

The quest has now ended…And so has yours!


  • 1000m/3000m Spools
  • 8lb 0.25mm (knot strength)
  • 10lb 0.29mm (knot strength)
  • 12lb 0.31mm (knot strength)
  • 15lb 0.36mm (knot strength)
  • 18lb 0.41mm (knot strength)

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