Super Nova

Super Nova

Super supple camouflage slow sinking braid

If you’re seeking a traditional braid that offers superb presentation over a wide range of waters, then look no further. Equally at home over soft silty bottoms, hard gravel bars, on still waters or rivers this outstanding ultra braid is ‘the’ only choice for many anglers.

The secret of its success lies in its unique construction. Unlike many standard cross-ply braids Super Novas pattern immediately tells you that this is something special. Exceptionally soft it’s probably the supplest of all the braids on the market, and due to its extreme flexibility gives your hookbait a presentation of the highest order…in other words totally natural.

Its perfect combination of design, weave and weight gives Super Nova the mechanics to create that all-important freedom of movement. Within water it will effortlessly flex allowing free passage of your hookbait into the carps mouth, just like a free offering.

Unlike the many poorly designed hooklength materials on sale that tether and restrict a hookbaits natural behaviour Super Nova will let you mimic the action a freebie perfectly.

Low diameter combined with a super soft feel make it the ideal tool for fooling the wariest of carp. Once wet it transforms becoming ultra supple, darkens slightly and uncannily takes on the look and feel of real silkweed. Its exceptional light and dark green tint camouflage is a colour combination that large wary carp associate with safety and blends in perfectly when fishing near and amongst weedy areas. High knot strength with good abrasion resistance. Ideal for many angling situations. Tried, tested and proven make it a firm favourite with many. First-rate for a wide range of waters. Excellent over silt, gravel and weed. Full instructions of recommended knots come with each spool.

KRYSTON Super Nova

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