Terry Dempsey 

Terry Dempsey has carp fished since he was a boy, taking every water apart has he went. It was the tough waters like Hainault and Darenth in the early days, where as a young lad, and much to the envy of all the older anglers, he made difficult waters look easy. Fierce baiting campaigns, where fishmeal boilies were rolled in the bivvy, where part and parcel of his game. 
Far from being a one trick pony, Terry's watercraft ability has led him to catch some of the A-Team from waters people can only dream of cracking like Wrasbury, The Railway Lake in Kent, and a famous non publicity venue in the Colne Valley. What makes these captures all the more prolific, Terry had most of them not a rod length from the bank, on corn. 
Inbetween catching big carp from under his feet, Terry has also decided to put pen to paper, in what sees the launch of his much anticipated book, The Urban Myth, launch later on in 2012. 
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