Hooklink Breaking Strains



Hi please can you explain why Match Anglers will have a hook to nylon of a lower breaking strain than their mainline but Carp Anglers don’t? For example would I use 25lb Super Nova with a 12lb mainline? Also roughly what would the actual breaking strains be of the 12 , 15 and 25lb Novas.

Thanks Danny


Hi Danny, bit of a history lesson for you. Up until the late 80’s the vast majority of anglers used lower breaking strains for their hook lengths, nylon being the popular choice. As carp were becoming harder to catch a number of anglers started experimenting using softer materials to improve their presentation. The idea being the extra suppleness would allow their hook bait to behave in a more natural manner and mimic free offerings better than nylon ever could.

They used braided Polyester a man-made fibre which was sold under various brand names ie Dacron or Terylene. Although fish were caught it did have major drawbacks. Although more flexible than nylon it was far thicker and still not supple enough but worse of all abrasion resistance was poor leading to many fish being lost on bars, snags, weed beds etc. So because they had more takes many fish were lost when the hook length worn through.

Then in 1988 everything changed when we launched the world’s first high strength hook length made from Spectra the world’s strongest fibre. When we launched our braids it changed everything, Silk- Worm the world’s first Super Braid was incredibly strong, super supple, much lower in diameter and super abrasion resistant, the opposite of Dacron and Nylon. When we hook a carp its natural instinct is to flee for sanctuary, weed beds and snags so in a hook length abrasion resistance is all important.

Strength is equally vital when we hook big fish, to prevent them from reaching underwater obstacles and having to pull for a break. So as long as the hook length is strong and tough enough and importantly does not hinder presentation that is the reason why most carp anglers use a stronger line on the bottom.

Match anglers more often than not do not have these issues, most fish man made commercials which are snag free, the fish do not always grow to massive sizes so they can play a fish longer using finer tackle without fear. Also pole anglers fishing for carp use elastic which acts as a buffer which reduces the chances of a break of. If you fish for carp with a easy action rod which is softer than a fast taper more rigid rod then a 12lb or 15lb hook length will be fine, If you want to cast over a hundred yards then a stiffer rod is required and you will need a stronger 25lb hook length.

The breaking strains of all of our braids are based on the labelled knot strength using the recommended grinner knot on the back of every spool. But be aware if you tie a blood knot it will reduce the lines strength by as much as 40%! Blood knots on braids are strangulation knots, they just don’t like them. However if you are using fluorocarbon the opposite happens, fluoro loves blood knots but is not good with grinners. Knotless knots with the ‘hair’ are fine with our braids giving a few % less than grinners. Palomars will also give maximum strength. To answer your question 15lb Super Nova will be perfect with your 12lb mainline.