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Welcome to the Kryston gallery. There are many coarse fishing sites on the web showing pictures of specimen fish, but few if any can compare with what you are about to see. 
Here is an incredible compilation of colossal fish that have all been caught on our famous hooklengths and lines. We hope you can take the time to drool over this stunning collection and appreciate the time, trouble, and effort these anglers have put in to catch the fish of their dreams
Amongst the portraits are numerous World records, National records and personal best all caught by forward thinking anglers who understand that good presentation is key to success. 
This album is the envy of many big name tackle companies who sponsor anglers by paying them to use and say nice things about their products. We do not and have never paid well-known names to promote Kryston. All of the anglers in this gallery chose to use our products to land their dream fish. Because of their effectiveness, reliability and proven track record they know that there is nothing better. 
Congratulations to all of you on your magnificent achievements. We hope you enjoy these shots and that they inspire you to greater heights. 
If you have used a Kryston Hook length to catch a personal best or a fish of any species that you are particularly proud of, then we would like to hear about it. You can submit it to us with a short description, weight, date and tackle used by emailing to along with your permission to use it in our gallery. 
World Record Mekong Cat 84kg caught by Rob Maylins with 45lb Quicksilver 
WR Steve O’Neill 82-08 35lb QuickSilver 
WR Gary Haughes 87-02 25lb Super Mantis Gold 
Martin David's World Record 260lb Mekong Catfish 
Ton Up 
Nermin Caro World Record Common Carp 86-06 
WR Nermins world record-breaking 87lb 03oz Common 
WR Gary Haughes 83-08 25lb Super Mantis Green 
WR Pete Fitzsimmons 84-08 25lb Merlin 
WR Nermin Caro 86-06 35lb QuickSilver Gold 
WR Emir Caro 84-12 18lb Krystonite and Score Gold 
WR Nick Massey 83-00 
25lb Super Mantis Green 
WR Martin Locke 94-00 Caught on Ton Up 
WR Andre Komornici 91-00 25lb Super Mantis Gold 
Graham King, UK Barbel Record 21-01, Caught on a 15lb Mantis Gold 
UK Les Brown, British Record Perch, 05-15, Caught on a 12lb Merlin 
Phil Kingsbury, UK Record Grass Carp 44-15, Caught on a 15lb Krystonite 
Steve Whites British Record Chub, 09-03 
UK Record, Lee Jackson, 61-07, Caught on a 25lb Mantis 
Tim Paisley, 73-00 Raduta Common, Caught on a 25lb Mantis 
Simon Crow, 60-04, 25lb Super Nova 
Simon Crow - Another Stunner with Super Nova 
Rob Hughes, 75-12 Carp, Caught on a 35lb Quicksilver Gold 
Richard Devitt, 81-00 common carp caught on 15lb Krystonite 
Mick Bartlett, The Lady 53-00, 25lb Silkworm 
Mark Champion, Red Tail Cat, Gillhams Resort Thailand 
350-00 Arapaima caught by Johnny Allen using Ton-Up 
84-00 caught on Ton-Up 
98-00 Siamese Carp, Gillhams Resort 
Gary Knowles 14-07 caught on 15lb Mantis 
Emir Caro Carp 84-12 caught with 16lb Snyde and 45lb Score 
Derek Harrison, 62-05 Common, caught on 25lb Snake Bite 
Caught with Doppelganger Halibut 
Bob Bolton, 80-00 Rainbow caught with 45lb Quicksilver Gold 
Terry Dempsey with his 
42lb 8oz common 
caught on Jackal 30lb 
Alan Boon, 41kg Catfish, Chao Phraya 
Andre Komornici - 91-00 
Mark Champion, Gillhams Resort Thailand 
Mark Champion, 220-00 Arapaima, Ton Up 
Mark Champion 
Lockeys caught on Quicksilver Gold 
Karl Webber, Austrian Common, 26.6kg 
Joe Taylor 208-00 Cat, caught using Ton-Up 
Joe Taylor 182-00 Cat, caught using Ton-Up 
Bill with elusive Graviers Big Lin 68lb-00 25lb using  
Super Nova  
Another Beautiful capture by Bill 78lb 06oz with 
Super Nova 25lb  
Steve Ulph Big Lin 65lb Graviers 25lb using  
Mantis Gold 
Simon Crow 43lb 6oz Yorkshire, 25lb with  
Super Nova 
Simon Crow 42lb 10oz Gloucestershire 25lb with Super Nova' 
Stuart Arkell 'Scar' 88-08 25lb using Snake Bite 
Simon Crow with Blackeye 25lb using Super Nova 
Siamese Carp, 98lbs Fishcake 
Graham Marsden Dove Barbel 14-01 11lb using  
Matthew Alexander's 164lb 
catfish caught using Kraken 
Nutrabaits Bill with the elusive Graviers Big Lin 68lb using 25lb Super Nova  
Harry Hales with his stunning 63lb 12oz common using 35lb Quicksilver  
Steve Ulph Big Lin 65lb Graviers using 25lb Mantis Gold 
Simon Crow 43lb 6oz Yorkshire using 25lb Super Nova  
Simon Crow 42lb 10oz Gloucestershire using 25lb Super Nova  
Stuart Arkell 'Scar' 88-08 using 25lb Snake-Bite 
Simon Crow with Blackeye using 25lb Super Nova 
Rob Maylin with Siamese Carp 98lbs using Fishcake 
Bill Cottam's 82lb-00 using 25lb Nova 
Stuart Daborn with 'The Big Orange' caught using the SYNX. 
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