Score Longshot Mono


The high-density copolymer for ambitious carp anglers.

Only the highest-quality raw materials of Japanese origin are fused together in a newly developed manufacturing process to create a carp line that excels in terms of abrasion resistance, knot strength, and casting performance. Thanks to its high density, the sinking line remains permanently at the lakebed, and the precisely adjusted stretch ensures that even strong fighters are safely landed with maximum control. ATTENTION: a well-tied and precisely executed knot, such as the Palomar or Grinner, can improve the performance of your line by up to 25%. Execute it cleanly, moisten, and then tighten!

  • 1000m/3000m spools
  • 0,260mm-5,5kg-11,8lb /0,285mm-56,6kg-14,0lb/0,310mm-57,6kg-16,0lb/0,330mm-8,8kg-18,5lb
  • 0,350mm-9,4kg-20,0lb /0,375mm-11,0kg-23,0lb/0,405mm-12,2kg-26,0lb (knot stength)
  • oliv
  • dark brown