Quick Silver Gold

  • abriebfeste, robuste Schlagschnur, Shockleader, Carp Leader, Vorfach
  • abriebfeste, robuste Schlagschnur, Shockleader, Carp Leader, Vorfach

Super coated shockleader and Hook-Length

Snags abound almost everywhere and at times we are forced to fish near them.

Quicksilver has long been regarded as the finest tool for the job, no hype just fact. Acclaimed by thousands as the most durable line on sale this outstanding product is now available with an added armour plated multi-coating. The additional super resilient shield is ultra-tough making the line even more abrasion resistant than ever. Rigorously tested on the notorious Rainbow Lake, the St Lawrence and similar nightmare waters this superb creation sailed through with flying colours. When used as a leader its silky smooth finish combined with extreme low memory produces a long clatter free cast giving increased distance. Leader knots can be tied with or without the coating. Removing the coating opens up a whole new world to offer an exceptional range of rig options never before possible with leader material. The result is an incredibly tough line of true low diameter proportions containing a sting in the tail that will fool many fish. The coating has a threefold effect. It positively eliminates tangles; it gives the line a cushion making it totally fish-friendly; and once removed allows the ultra fine braid to offer complete freedom of movement to the hook-bait. As a shock/snag leader or a totally carp friendly hook-length it cannot be bettered. Aesthetically the finish of Quicksilver Gold is stunning. The crystal clear coating allows the golden brown internal core to show through making it the perfect tool for presenting bait over gravel, clay, sand, and brown silty bottoms. Unlike many products on sale the line has been specially treated ensuring the colour does not wash out after a few hours. Today as carp and cats increase to colossal sizes so too must the quality of the tackle required to subdue them. For all types of waters, both home and abroad, this product has proved to be an absolute must and truly cannot be bettered. If you think that you cannot use a leader for a hook-length or vice versa, then think again. An outstanding development, highly recommended for Carp, Cats and Barbel.

  • 10m spools
  • 25lb, 35lb and 45lb
  • Comprehensive instructions included for leader knots and proven rigs.