Greased Lightning

  • Casting Booster, Hauptschnur Monofil, Braid, Wurfweite, Distance
  • Casting Booster, Hauptschnur Monofil, Braid, Wurfweite, Distance

The Casting Booster

The casting sensation. Now at last you can hit those previously unreachable areas.

Simply apply a few drops to your mono and let Greased Lightning instantly increase your distance. This remarkable blend of space age solutions guarantees to reduce drag and friction from your reel line and dramatically increase its abrasion resistance.

Easy to use

For pre-loaded line already on the spool apply a few drops directly onto it. For new line apply a few drops onto lint free cloth and wind line onto the reel through the cloth. GL will condition and greatly prolong the life of all known mono’s.

Following application you will immediately notice a positive increase in your casting distance. Treatment produces long silent smooth cast, prevents line clatter and eliminates wind knots, increases abrasion resistance and repels algae. Acts as an anti-freeze, during Artic conditions prevents ice beads forming on mono.

  • Increases the life of your line.
  • Essential for long range.
  • This product is used and recommended by the carp worlds leading distance casters. Non-Toxic, no smell, totally safe.
  • 30ml Bottle