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960 634 KRYSTON

Dave Chilton

Dave Chilton is the founder of Kryston and was the original innovator that brought you the coated hooklink, made the fishing worlds heaviest putty and created legendary edges such as…

Angler – UK

900 740 KRYSTON

Hannah Limb

Hannah is the other half of an angling duo. She was introduced to carp fishing around 5 years ago and as an A&E nurse she quickly fell in love with…

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James Morley

James Morley

900 667 KRYSTON

Jason Richards

Jason Richards started fishing around 30 years ago, fishing for various species. He soon focused his attention to carp fishing and has predominantly been a carp angler for 20 years or…

900 679 KRYSTON

Louis Emmerson

Louis Emmerson is one of our youngest team members, at just 17 he is quickly making a name for himself within the carp scene. Catching his target fish from numerous…

900 580 KRYSTON

Martyn Davies

Martyn is an opportunist angler who will always make the most of getting the rods out! From day ticket park lakes to overnighters on gravel pits being prepared is a…

900 599 KRYSTON

Matt Velamail

Matt, along with good friend James love an adventure for carp. Whether it is hunting them down in the vast rivers of France or tackling the infamous canals of Holland.…

900 599 KRYSTON

Richard Easom

Richard Easom

900 677 KRYSTON

Tommy Garner

Tommy Garner

Angler – DE

900 673 KRYSTON

Alexander “Sandy” Bauer

Alexander ‘Sandy’ Bauer Canals and difficult lakes all across Europe are Sandy’s field of expertise. Whenever he is not busy touring Europe on one of his annual carp adventures, Sandy…

1200 600 KRYSTON

Karsten Neumann

Karsten loves to fish the big lakes of Germany’s north-eastern wilderness. The tempting mix of manifold conditions, wild nature and the opportunity to fish untapped waters fascinate him and requires…

900 600 KRYSTON

Timo Hirschbeck

Timo Hirschbeck Timo Hirschbeck befischt am liebsten Baggerseen unterschiedlichster Größe und Struktur in seiner Heimat. Aber auch an die Ufer der verschiedensten Gewässertypen im Ausland zieht es ihn regelmäßig. Um…

Angler – NL

1200 800 KRYSTON

Ronald De Witte

Roland De Witte is one of Hollands finest Carp Anglers, he’s regularly seen in some of the leading publications and has caught some truly stunning specimens in his time. As…

Angler – BE

1200 675 KRYSTON

Nico Coulson

Nico Coulson is an out and out big fish angler from Belgium, he targets the hardest waters for the ultimate reward. Fishing in this style requires a hooklink solution that’s…

1200 798 KRYSTON

Timo Verbeke

When Timo is not fishing for goliath sized carp he’s representing his country in the Belgium Militarty. In his down time, Timo fishes where he can and when he can…

Angler – ITA

1200 600 KRYSTON

Alessio Valtriani

Alessio is a fresh water fishing passionate since the age of 10 and he was one of the very first Italian angler to use the modern carp fishing technique already…

1200 600 KRYSTON

Enrico Parmeggiani

Enrico started his fishing with his uncle Andrea when he was 8 years using a 4meters pole rod and float in small ponds in the countryside. This moment triggered his…

1200 600 KRYSTON

Fabio Pellizzari

As an enthusiastic and passionate angler Fabio thinks about fishing every single day since he was a little boy. He started carp fishing back in 1997 which also was the…

1200 600 KRYSTON

Marco Bortone

My name is Marco Bortone, passionate angler since as far as I can remember. I’ve been fishing for pretty much everything I could target, both in fresh and salt water.…

Angler – A

900 600 KRYSTON

Stephan Wachtler

Stephan Wachtler Stephan fischt seit 14 Jahren gezielt auf Karpfen, meist an Baggerseen im In- und Ausland mit hohem Befischungsdruck, wo Boote und Futterboote verboten sind. Stephan benützt als Hauptschnur…

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