Coated Anti Tangle Braid

Jackal has raised the bar (as well as a few eyebrows) yet again.

For those in search of a truly excellent hooklength that will cover a wide spectrum of presentation choices, then you really should check this one out.

Produced entirely from high grade Spectra the worlds strongest filament Jackal has handled specimen size fish both at home and abroad with ease. This remarkable low diameter hooklength is tough enough to cope with all the demands that modern day specialist angling can throw at it.

Jackal’s unique multi-coating and curing process ensures it is totally fish friendly unlike many low diameter braids on sale. Its smooth robust exterior not only eliminates tangles but also helps it withstand damage from abrasive weed, snags, gravel, roots etc that exist in many waters today.

Its ultra low diameter offers superb natural presentation possibilities when used by itself, or alternatively strip back the coating for an even greater range of rig options. Once stripped back you will see the internal braided core is dyed to a tint of the original coating giving a brilliant camouflage effect. For those seeking stealth and reliability then this is the product for you.


  • 20mt
  • 20lb and 30lb
  • Olive Green
  • Gravel Brown
  • Dark Silt

Jackal blends in virtually anywhere with an excellent choice of natural subtle colours to choose from.

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