Medi-skin for Mouth & Body

The most advanced carp care recovery treatment ever developed.
One shot application for mouth, fins and body.

for hook holds
for split fins
for lesions
for open wounds
for recent scale loss
for post spawning damage
for parasitic and fungal infections
  • Complete carp care recovery treatment.
  • Unique healing colloid creates water resistant barrier of artificial skin.
  • Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Antiviral and Paraciticide agents.
  • Non-Toxic
Made in the U.K.


  • 30ml Bottle

Manufactured under licence to strict pharmaceutical standards exclusively for Kryston.

Adam Penning about Klin-ik Medi-Skin

It’s not too often that a genuine improvement comes along in such an innovative and competitive market and when that item is designed to for the well being of our precious fish, it makes the product even more special.

The guys at Kryston have always been serious about the welfare of our quarry and their original Klinik antiseptic has been a market leader for a very long time, inspiring many other companies to follow suit and create their own versions which can only have been of massive benefit to the fish and indeed the sport we all love.

The new Medi-Skin builds on the original product by taking the original concept of an easy to apply antiseptic and improving to ensure that once applied, it actually stays where has been put, ensuring the fish benefits not only from the instant cleansing but also from the longer term sealing of the area where the Medi-Skin acts like an underwater plaster!

Every angler needs this in their fishing gear – it is as important as an unhooking mat! Help care for the fish we love and respect and make sure you have some Medi-Skin in your bag.

Adam Penning

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